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Neon Heart Designs

No Waste Tiny Cup

No Waste Tiny Cup

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This No Waste Tiny Cup is made from resin left over from pours put together to make sure nothing goes to waste! It’s perfect for pens or as a tiny vase. Made from high quality epoxy resin, it is waterproof and the perfect for adding an injection of colour and glitter into your home or office. Epoxy resin is not heat proof so be sure not to apply any kind of heat to avoid damaging or warping your piece. 

Measurements: approx 7cm x 5cm

Each Neon Heart Design creation is a one of a kind which is part of the charm of owning something handmade. You can be sure that your piece is created with care and love and has come from the heart. I hope you get as much joy out of your piece as I have creating it.

Please note, imperfections and bubbles are unavoidable. It is normal and part of the handmade process. 

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