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Neon Heart Designs

Neon Heart Small Sugar Skull 5

Neon Heart Small Sugar Skull 5

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Our Neon Heart Sugar Skulls are a colourful addition to any room, desk, bookshelf or coffee table. Each skull is a decorative piece, made by hand from layers of Epoxy Resin poured over multiple days/weeks. No two skulls are the same, so it’s guaranteed your piece is one of a kind. 

Measurements: 6cm high

Each Neon Heart Design creation is a one of a kind which is part of the charm of owning something handmade. You can be sure that your piece is created with care and love and has come from the heart. I hope you get as much joy out of your piece as I have creating it.

Please note, imperfections and bubbles are unavoidable. It is normal and part of the handmade process.

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