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Neon Heart Designs

Rainbow Dreams Small Pot 5

Rainbow Dreams Small Pot 5

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These Rainbow Dreams pots look as dreamy as the name suggests! These pots can be used to hold pens, make up brushes, tiny plants or they look stunning holding an LED candle (real candles are not recommended). Made from Epoxy Resin. 

Measures: 7.5cm H x 7.5cm W     Internal diameter: 6.4cm

Each Neon Heart Design creation is a one of a kind which is part of the charm of owning something handmade. You can be sure that your piece is created with care and love and has come from the heart. I hope you get as much joy out of your piece as I have creating it.

Please note, imperfections and bubbles are unavoidable. It is normal and part of the handmade process. 

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